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metta means

heart-centred holistic care for the whole family

Metta Massage + Wellness is a therapeutic space that exudes warmth and goodwill. We offer a mindful, client-centred approach embracing the values of caring and empathy to meet your treatment needs.


As Buddhist teachings suggest, when we invest our thoughts and actions in love, kindness and compassion, we are naturally filled with those qualities. We may then begin to radiate that positive energy outward to others. 


Using clinically proven massage therapy techniques infused with Metta, we believe you will experience exceptional healing results.

I extend Welcome to all.


Owner + RMT


peace + quiet

A tranquil space and safe haven that will envelop you, soothe your senses and help you let go of outside worries.


kindness + compassion

RMTs who genuinely care about you, and who will listen to your concerns with compassion and build a plan for your wellness goals.


quality care

We value competency as much as compassion. We perform our work with focus, intention and attention to detail.

what you can expect


metta team

It is our mission to help you feel good and achieve a sense of calm, comfort and ease in your body. It is here you will find a kind practitioner, in a calm and peaceful space that nurtures your entire well-being.

a tranquil setting

Our clinic is set within a gorgeous landmark building in the Upper Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto. It is here you will find a kind practitioner, in a calm and peaceful space that nurtures your mind, body and spirit.

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Our massage therapists welcome the responsibility and privilege of caring for you. With each visit, we will restore feelings of calm, comfort and ease.


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